One Up Gummies Watermelon


Experience a wonderful combination of flavors and impacts with our One Up Chewy candies Watermelon. Mixed with the best sorcery mushrooms and loaded with a strong 600mg of THC, these chewy candies make certain to take your faculties on an enrapturing venture.

Our One Up Chewy candies Watermelon has a long stockpiling length, permitting you to appreciate them at your own speed. At the point when put away appropriately in a cool, dry spot, away from direct daylight and outrageous temperatures, they can keep up with their newness and strength for a drawn out period. Likewise, you can evaluate our One Up Chewy candies Acrid Brite Crawlers

Kindly note: These chewy candies are expected for grown-up utilize as it were. Continuously consume capably and as per neighborhood regulations and guidelines.